Course Offerings for Law, Technology, and Culture

Required Courses for the LTC Major are Distributed among Four Areas, A, B, C and D​.

​Students who take courses from the lists for Sections A and B beyond the number required may apply those courses to area C.  At least two of the courses selected from Sections A and B must have the HIST prefix.  Courses in bold type are required for completion of the major.

Section A:  Legal Foundations Courses

Three from among these eight are required:
The Founding of the American Nation Hist 361
Sex. Gender and the Law in American History Hist 362
American Law and the World Hist 364
Law and Society in History (Hist 369)
Legal Environment of Business (Mgmt 290)
Philosophy of Law and Social Justice (Phil 300)
Legal Reasoning, Writing and Technology STS 300
or Introduction to Law and Legal Research R790:304

Section B: Law, Technology and Culture Courses
Four from among these ten are required:
Environmental Law EvSc 335
Legal Issues in the History of Media Hist 370
Legal Issues in Environmental History Hist 375
Medicine and Law in Modern America Hist 378
Invention and Regulation Hist 384
Legal Aspects of Engineering IE 447
Privacy and Information Technology IT 331
Digital Crime IT 332
Information Technology and the Law IT 400
Environmental Politics and Policy R790:382

Section C: Law-Related Electives
Students must complete 18 credits in approved law-related courses designed to meet the student's interests and intended to develop knowledge and competency in a specialty area.  Here are examples of areas in which appropriate courses may be found that students have chosen in the past, but the future holds many possibilities.  All courses for section C must be approved by the academic advisor.

Professional Development in Law (HIST 312)
Corporations and Business
Science, Technology, and Society
Law and the Environment
International Law
Law and Criminal Justice
Legal History
Legal Philosophy and Jurisprudence
Media and Communication
Public Policy and Politics

Section D:  Focused Coursework  consists of two specific courses:

Co-op in Law, Technology and Culture Hist 310--Junior Year
Senior Seminar in Law Technology and Culture HSS 404 Senior Year