The NJIT Minor in Legal Studies

Administered by the NJIT History Faculty.

Director, Law, Technology and Culture Program; Faculty Coordinator, Legal Studies Minor: Professor Alison Lefkovitz.

Associate Director Professor Elizabeth Petrick

Inquiries may also be directed to Maureen O'Rourke, Federated History Department Academic Coordinator.

Worksheet for the Minor in Legal Studies (.pdf)


The Minor in Legal Studies is a 15-credit, multidisciplinary minor designed to provide students with an introduction to the study of law as one way of preparation for entry into law school or other law-related, political or governmental careers.


Students take 15 credits in law-related courses drawn from academic programs and departments across NJIT and Rutgers University, Newark. The courses should be selected from different categories, as shown below. The list below includes courses already approved for credit; depending upon content as shown through a syllabus, other law-related courses may be applied toward the minor with the approval of the faculty coordinator or designated advisor, including Hist 401, 402: Independent Study in History. Note that by selecting courses wisely, NJIT students can fulfill 9 credits of GER courses in Liberal Arts Literacy and the HSS Capstone seminar with courses that also count toward the Legal Studies Minor.  The requirements for this minor are well established and the 2013 worksheet linked above still applies.

Take one course from each category (15 credits)

A. Law and Business/Engineering

  • EvSc 335 Environmental Law
  • IE 447: Legal Aspects of Engineering
  • IE 472: Product Liability Engineering
  • IT 331 Privacy and Information Technology
  • IT 332 Digital Crime
  • IT 400 Information Technology and the Law
  • MGMT 290: Business Law I
  • MGMT 360: Business Law II
  • R600:101 Introduction to American Law
  • R600: 102: Survey of American Business Law
  • R790:304 Introduction to Law and Legal Research

B. Law and History

  • HIST 362 Sex, Gender and the Law in American History
  • HIST 369: Law and Society in History
  • HIST 370: Legal Issues in Media History
  • HIST 378 Medicine and Health Law in Modern America
  • HIST 384: Invention and Regulation
  • HSS 404: History of the American Suburb
  • R512:265, 266: American Legal History I and II

C. Law and Humanities

  • Phil 300: Philosophy of Law and Social Justice
  • STS 300: Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Technology
  • HSS 404: Civil Rights Revolution
  • HSS 404: LGBT History and Rights
  • HSS 404: Murder in United States History
  • HSS 404: Disability and the Law
  • HSS 408: STS Capstone Seminar: Communication, Ethics and Law

D.Law and Social Science

  • R202:301;  Criminal Justice Research Methods
  • R202:302: Data Analysis in Criminal Justice
  • R202:222: Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice
  • R202:221: Case Processing: Law and Courts
  • R355:433 Writing in the Professions: Law 
  • R790:304*: Introduction to Law and Legal Research
  • R790:356*: Sex Law and Public Policy
  • R790:352: Politics, Elections and Public Policy
  • R790:381*: Judicial Process
  • R790:382: Environmental Politics and Policy
  • R790:401, 402*: American Constitutional Law and Politics I and II
  • R790:409*: Law and Public Policy (writing intensive)
  • R920:349: Law and Society

E. One from among any of the above categories

Any of the above courses, when the student has already fulfilled a category

* Prerequisite is R790:201: American National Government, which may be taken to fulfill the GUR in Basic Social Science at NJIT or the forthcoming 200 level GER in Liberal Arts,

† Prerequisite is HUM 102