The Minor in History at NJIT

Offered by the Federated History Department of NJIT and Rutgers-Newark.
Faculty Coordinator: Stephen Pemberton

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Worksheet for the NJIT History Minor (.pdf)


What's Special about the Minor in History at NJIT?

The Faculty and the courses! The Federated History Department of NJIT and Rutgers-Newark has more than twenty faculty members, many of them nationally and internationally recognized authorities in their fields. That means the department can offer courses in almost every time period, geographical location, and branch of history from the history of science and technology to ancient Greece and from contemporary America to the Far East.


Is It Flexible Enough to Fit a Busy Schedule?

Yes! NJIT and Rutgers-Newark offer dozens of history courses each year, and many are taught in the evening and on Saturday.


Will It Require a Great Deal of Extra Course Work?

No! The minor in History requires five upper-division courses, but three of them can be taken to fulfill the General University Requirements in Humanities and Social Sciences that all NJIT students must take for graduation.


Some Sample Courses Offered at NJIT:

  • Hist 345: Communication through the Ages
  • Hist 369: Law and Society in History
  • Hist 370: Legal Issues in Media History
  • Hist 373: The Rise of Modern Science
  • Hist 377: Cities in History
  • Hist 379: History of Medicine
  • Hist 382: War and Society
  • Hist 384: Invention and Regulation
  • Hist 385: Technology and Society in European and World History
  • Hist 386: Technology in American History
  • Hist 390: Historical Problems of the 20th Century through Film
  • HSS 404: History Capstone Seminar (topics vary)

Some Sample Courses Offered at Rutgers-Newark:

Rutgers 510 courses are in global history and history within geographic regions.

  • R510:305: Ancient Sport: Olympians to Gladiators
  • R510:311: Latin America and the United States
  • R510:316: Living in Nazi Germany
  • R510:320: Roman History
  • R510:338: The Ottoman Empire
  • R510:353,354: Modern China

Rutgers 512 courses are in American History

  • R512: 311: Colonial America
  • R512:318: Labor History
  • R512:350: The Civil War and Reconstruction:The Unfinished Revolution
  • R512:371: Contemporary America
  • R512:383: Culture and the Cold War
  • R512:408: Topics in American Social and Cultural History: Cities and American Education


What's Required?

Take five 300- or 400-level history electives at NJIT or Rutgers.* It's that simple! Courses may include HSS 404: History Capstone Seminar or Honors History Seminars  and, with the approval of the faculty coordinator, Hist 401 or 402 : Independent Studies in History.

* With the approval of the faculty coordinator, one of the five required courses may be a historically themed 300- or 400-level course in literature, philosophy, STS, or another field in the humanities or social sciences. Architecture majors receive a 1-course credit for Arch 381 & 382 (History of Architecture III-IV).


How Do I Sign Up?

Contact Professor Stephen Pemberton, History Minor Coordinator, or email inquiries to