HIST 213: The 20th Century World

Hist 213 - The Twentieth-Century World (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: HUM 101, co or pre-requisite  HUM 102,  with a grade C or better.

Course Description:  This course uses case studies to provide an interdisciplinary view of the twentieth-century world. Selected literary, philosophical, and artistic movements are discussed in the context of the major historical developments and social movements of the century. This course satisfies three credits of the General Education Requirements (GER) in Cultural History.*  We offer an additional course that could be used to fulfill the same GER, HIST 214: Technology and Culture in American History


As this course is taught by a number of instructors, we provide here syllabi for each.


HIST 213--20th Century World Syllabi Spring 2018
Course Course Sections  


HIST 213

Section 102 CRN 13037     Syllabus

Lisa Gill
HIST 213

Section H02  CRN 13039 Syllabus

Scott Kent
HIST 213

Section 008 CRN 13036 Syllabus

Elektra Kostopoulou
HIST 213

Section 002  CRN 13033 Syllabus

Deborah Morrison-Santana
HIST 213

 Section 104 CRN 13038 Syllabus

Svanur Pétursson​

*General Education Requirements

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is dedicated to producing graduates who have the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to advance the state-of-the-art knowledge in their respective fields. Graduates must understand the complexities of contemporary society and have a deep understanding of and appreciation for science and technology and the ethical and societal issues involved in their pursuit. A fundamental guiding principle in the development of the General University Requirements (GUR) is the formulation of a foundational curriculum encompassing the necessary preconditions for success in undergraduate disciplines, a curriculum that establishes a devotion to lifetime intellectual discovery and personal development. In a larger sense, the GUR are intended to provide an educational grounding for our students, a set of educational experiences harmoniously attuned to the mission of NJIT and its responsibilities to its constituents. In essence, the completion of the GUR is a necessary step in the fulfillment of the implicit intellectual and social contract that NJIT has with its students and its local, national and global communities. CULTURAL HISTORY ---- All educated individuals are expected to understand and appreciate history and the world’s cultures.  Students are required to take.at least three (3) credits in cultural history, all at the 100- or 200-level (HIST 213, HUM 211, HUM 212 or any Rutgers-Newark 200-level history course with prefix 510 or 512).