Books by our Faculty Members:

Apollo in the Age of Aquarius

Neil Maher 

The Good Occupation: American Soldiers and the Hazards of Peace

Susan L. Carruthers

Death in Beijing:  Murder and Forensic Science in Republican China

Daniel Asen

But Where Is The Lamb:
Imagining the Story of Abraham and Isaac

James Goodman

How It Feels to be Free:
Black Women Entertainers and the Civil Rights Movement

Ruth Feldstein

Obscenity Rules:
Roth v. United States and the Long Struggle over Sexual Expression

Whitney Strub

The Rule of the Clan:
What an Ancient Form of Social Organization Reveals About the Future of Individual Freedom

Mark S. Weiner

Family Properties: How the Struggle over Race and Real Estate Transformed Chicago and Urban America

Beryl Satter

The Seven Years War: A Transatlantic History

Matt Schumann and Karl Schweizer

Nature's New Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Roots of the American Environmental Movement

Neil M. Maher

Empire, Architecture, and the City: French-Ottoman Encounters, 1830-1914

Zeynep Çelik

New Jersey's Environments: Past, Present and Future

Edited by Neil M. Maher

The Bleeding Disease: Hemophilia and the Unintended Consequences of Medical Progress
Stephen Pemberton

Perversion for Profit: The Politics of Pornography and the Rise of the New Right
Whitney Strub

The Robot: The Life Story of a Technology
Lisa Nocks

The Enlightenment and the Book
Richard B. Sher

The Troubled Dream of Genetic Medicine
Keith Wailoo & Stephen Pemberton