Are you having trouble registering for an NJIT History course? You may need a permit. 

There are several types of permits available, several of which are listed below. Note the error code that you receive when trying to register and then consult this table:

Type of Permit


How You Qualify

How to Get the Permit


Closed Course Allows a student to enroll in a course that is at or over maximum enrollment First, register online for the course.  If the course shows closed when you try to register use the waitlist option there in the registration page. Watch your email for an automatic notification from Registrar that you may enroll.  This happens when you reach the top of the automated waitlist. on Registrar's Waitlist. When Registrar closes the waiting lists, in rare cases where a senior needs the course to graduate, a permit may be granted by the department to a student remaining on the list at that time. To apply for this consideration email
Class (Year) Allows a student to enroll in a course that is restricted by year as defined by the student's earned credits.
Ex.: A course for seniors only requires a student to have 91 credits or more.
You may qualify for a year permit if you are in an accelerated degree program or you are only a few credits short of the year needed.  You need to state this in your email.

E-mail and always include your student number.

Conditional Allows a student who is enrolled in a prerequisite for a course at another college over the summer or winter terms to register for the course on a temporary basis while the prerequisite course is underway.  Example: Student wish to enroll in a 300 level history course, but needs the prerequisite.  Student may take the prerequisite over the summer at another college and get a conditional permit to register for the 300 level course. To be eligible student must submit an Approval for Course at Another College form.The conditional permit will expire before the fall or spring term begins, so the student must supply the NJIT Registrar with an official transcript from the college where the prerequisite is being taken.  If this transcript is not furnished before the term begins the student will be removed from the course.
Honors Cohort Allows a student who is not a member of Albert Dorman Honors College to enroll in a section that is reserved for members of the Honors College If you are not in the Honors College but your CGPA is 3.2 or better the instructor may permit you to enroll in the section.
Major This permit allows the student to enroll in a course that is limited to students in a particular major Special cases may apply to the Federated History Department.
Prerequisite This type of permit allows the student to enroll in a course when the prerequisite course is not on the student's transcript You may have a suitable course that the system does not recognize. (Transfer students often have courses with ** in the number, and the ** is not recognized by Banner.)